Nathan Deman

Student Communications, Erasmus
Tollembeek, Belgium

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Dutch, English, French, Spanish

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Communcation, politics

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The effect of toechnology on youth, is it good or not?

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Politics, Technology involving culture and youth.

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Nathan Deman
Posted almost 3 years ago
Discuss the ways the media influences or tries to influence your vote.
The Power of the media has significally grown. The media doesn't tell us HOW to think about how to vote. But in a rather subtile way they give us the information on which we should THINK about. If the media talks more about one candidate, the power of this candidate grows significally. This is proven by a radio shos which made a April fools joke about the earth being overrun by aliens. A large group of the inhabitants of the planet earth believed this was the truth. Which led to suicides, growing sales of food and energy sources. This is just an example of the power of the media. A candidate who gets a lot of media attention (negative or possitive ) will be known and this makes him failiar to a lot of voters.