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Giordano Ciampini
Posted over 2 years ago
A divisible real time mandate system for representative democracy.
I really like the idea, mate, "Occupy Sydney" has the right of it regarding literacy and your subsequent comment as well of internet access and computer literacy. I could see this as a future-system which can be implemented as a test bed for "polling" the issues at stake with a pilot audience, that is slowly expanded over time as computers proliferate to impoverished stakeholders and internet access makes headway into remote districts with emerging communication technologies; The system eventually taking over from traditional rep-by-pop as past, present, and future voting generations all become literate and net-savvy. Direct democracy is the only true democracy, as far as I'm concerned. I don't place much merit in a man or woman at the helm, out of my reach, who may or may not be getting treated to $1000-a-plate luncheons with corporate big-wigs; This in turn gets them a better shot at promoting their interests than the man on the street. We currently "hire" our MPs and reps, and they in turn hire advisors, assistants et. al. who make themselves aware of all current and emerging issues, which the candidate isn't available to research otherwise. How could this system create a similar proposal, with a multi-fold savings by not having to hire the additional researchers (using voters as idea-generators), as well as having "subject-vetting" so that you separate the kooks from people with valid points and concerns? I suppose that's the main thrust: If everyone gets a say, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?