Michele DeMeo

Disabled and terminal, AAMI
York, PA, United States

About Michele


Thinker, inventor, Healthcare expert, broad and wide viewer, narrow analyst, human factors advocate, process mapping user, diversity believer, and flexible author
Author, healthcare expert, artist, systems thinker, human factors advocate

1st Chuck Hughes, General Manager/Educator, SPSmedical Supply Corp.

Published numerously; It is a love of mine.
michele has 11 recommendations (5 co-workers, 6 partners) including:
1st Steve Basile, Owner & VP Sales, Healthmark Industries
1st Jeannie Akridge, Managing Editor, Healthcare Purchasing News
SGE(special government employee) resigned from role on the device panel.
Government Agency; 5001-10,000 employees; Government Administration industry
2010 – 2011 (1 year)

One of the 8 member overarching panel that reports to the commissioner for Devices....single sterile processing expert on the committee.
Sterile Processing manager
Memorial Hospital
March 2005 – October 2011 (6 years 8 months) York, Pennsylvania Area

This position is associated with:
1 Project
SPD Manader
Hospital for Special Surgery
2001 – 2005 (4 years) NYC

This position is associated with:
1 Project
SPD Manager
Holy Name Medical Center
Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Hospital & Health Care industry
1998 – 2002 (4 years) Teaneck, NJ

This position is associated with:
1 Project
Operations Manager
Newton Memorial Hospital
Nonprofit; 501-1000 employees; Hospital & Health Care industry
1993 – 1998 (5 years)

This position is associated with:
2 Projects
Chilton Hospital
Nonprofit; 1001-5000 employees; Hospital & Health Care industry
1990 – 1993 (3 years)

This position is associated with:
1 Project

Implemented several different MM/SPD tracking systems for several entities
Team Members: michele demeo
- a beta project for Memorial Hospital with AAMI
- a beta project for cardinal at Holy Name Hospital
- a repair tracking system or HSS
- a surgical instrument management system for HSS
- ESI materials management system for Newton Memorial (the cs component).
- etc
Newton Memorial Hospital
Newton Memorial Hospital
Team Members: michele demeo
Helped coordinate the outfitting of physician offices and new 33,000 sq ft new building
Remodel and new build
Hospital for Special Surgery
Team Members: michele demeo
Remodeled department
-Worked to build a new department at a different location sequentially
-Worked with others to remodel an additional area for OR MM

case cart set
-eliminated ETO
-implemented SPS computer system
-implemented TRE system
Holy Name Medical Center
Team Members: michele demeo
-Updated department
- eliminated ETO
Converted from ETO to new technology at the time, Plasma
Chilton Hospital
Team Members: michele demeo
-helped to eliminate ETO
-trained others on new technology
ETO conversion, took on hazardous waste bins chain of custody system, and converted from one computer system to ESI
Newton Memorial Hospital
Team Members: michele demeo
- eliminated ETO
- implemented ESI
- helped to implement storage system
- revised sharps collection method
Remodeled department
Memorial Hospital
Team Members: michele demeo
- remodeled department to expand department
- Eliminated ETO and converted to Plasma
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2 Product Development

1 Sterilization

1 Process Improvement

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1 Vision

1 Human Factors Analysis

1 Engineering

Creative Writing
Technical Writing
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Cornell's ilr college in NYC (course work)
course work, business managerment
Somerset County Technology Institute
Cert, sterile processing
Recommendations For michele

Author, healthcare expert, artist, systems thinker, human factors advocate

“Michelle is well respected by her peers and has worked tirelessly to improve infection prevention in healthcare. I admire her profession skills and the positive attitude she brings to all projects.” July 5, 2012
1st Chuck Hughes, General Manager/Educator, SPSmedical Supply Corp.
was with another company when working with michele at Disabled

“Michele is a powerful, passionate and articulate voice for the Sterile Processing Profession. Her insight and experience have improved processes and patient safety for all.” April 4, 2012
1st Steve Basile, Owner & VP Sales, Healthmark Industries
worked with michele at Memorial Hospital
“It has been a pleasure knowing and working with Michele. Her enthusiasm for advancing the sterile processing....

Areas of Expertise

Motivation, human factors, Surgical Instruments, Process Improvement / Re-engineering, Healthcare and medical writing, Author - Speaker, Benchmarking, Palliative - Hospice Care, healthcare consultant/auditing, Sterile Processing

An idea worth spreading

From nothing, something big can happen. The ability to shift from ordinary and comfortable is a matter of shifting mindset over matter and any set of bad or poor circumstances. Greatest comes from no stinging for good and always remembering you're never quite there yet...and that's one of the most fabulous things about life...there is always room for more, better and it takes just you!

I'm passionate about

I value change, improvement, the human condition, action and development towards quality improvement, self evolution and personal and professional analysis. A wide and broad thinker with details.

Talk to me about

Being autistic, having ALS and actively dying along with cancer, being considered an expert, living as a minimalist....my art, my books, ideas, designs and how simple of a person I am and how I live.

People don't know I'm good at

Bridging communication gaps. Rally troops for a good cause. Helping to draw out the shy to do and be more. Staying positive. Staying focused and yet dreaming big at the same time.

My TED story

I am a  high-functioning autistic healthcare expert, specifically Sterile Processing, and now terminal with ALS and cancer.  While my body is limited from ALS and cancer, but my mind is fine...works just as it should for 38, if you are interested in my book, work, or have a request contact me.

Here is my some of my info:
The Beauty of a Slow Death

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