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Julie Mertens
Posted over 2 years ago
Are one of the reason that more people who are tall -or large- are more successful than not due to primal reasons?
I am a taller woman. I know there have been instances where my opinion was considered more due to my height. It's a man's world- one of my tall advantages is that I am more able to look most men in the eye. Bending the neck to speak to someone sends the speaker back to a time when they have done that before-while talking to children. I believe that other women are aware of my advantage (although they may not recognize it as my height) or have observed it because on serveral occasions female co-workers have come to my with ideas and asked me to present those ideas to management. Their ideas are terrific and there should be no reason they don't pitch them. Of course of have used many stereotypes in this post and I'm no social psychologist. Just my experience. (My advice to women-have your meetings while seated in adjustable chairs :)