Carlos Medeiros

Azores Government Environmental Agency
Ponta Delgada - Azores, Portugal

About Carlos


Biologist (University of the Azores - 1992-1998). Master Degree in Environmental Engineering (University of the Azores 2011). Azores Government Environmental Agency (since 2001). Teaching Assistant in the University of the Azores (1998-1999; 2001-2002); Illustrator & Cartoonist (since childhood)


English, Portuguese, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Biology, environment & ecology, River Morphology, cartooning

An idea worth spreading

If we just try to listen, we will easly understand each other. If we understand each other, we will evolve. Not trying to understand is not wanting to evolve.

I'm passionate about

Photography; Illustration; Nature; Comedy; Comics; Science

Talk to me about

Inspiration, art, new ways of thinking, and new insights of what we already think of.

People don't know I'm good at

I try to look at people's acts and understand why they do what they do. I analyse behaviour through cartoons. To laugh at them, first of all, I've learned to laugh at/with myself.

My TED story

A friend once told me to visit the TED site. It became instantly a favourite. I just see the talks randomly and that is refreshing and inspiring. In may 2012, my younger brother told me he was invited for the fist TEDx in the Azores Islands (TEDxMadalena), I was proud of him. After that, living in another island, me and a friend decided that since we couldn't go and attend to it, we should bring TEDx to the island we live in. We┬┤re working on it, and just working on it is quite inspiring.

Favorite talks