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shane alexander
Posted about 2 years ago
Does formal education as a child hinder a child's creativity?
formal education trains the human eye to notice things on white paper on modestly decorated desks, as for creative? bah, school, and even extraciricular activities nowadays is lacking spontanuity, a little mutual participation of all constituates, a easy goin non abrasive,non time constraining art project, and dont forget that if the childs getting all of its creative energys from a television, rather a able and willing parent propetuating a constant art project or "creative goal" then the kid are sure to create the bare minumum of whats expected by teacher and peers all because of a lack of "exposure" or "knowledges" of not only are great art and artists, but rather the artistic, innovative, poetic, revolutionary, inventive, philosophers of mind, body, and soul, but rather thought, created, believed. So the Teachers, the students, most importantly the parents must continue to Think, Create, and Believe after all we are just carbon copys? if dads to busy at his desk jockey job, dieing of unreached quotas, then the kids will just stress about there failing grades, then the only relief, from this "work"/"school" is a lil psychoactive stimuli, a.k.a. -television, the most potentially abilitating of all the addictions.. my theory? well as teachers get more and more of a ciriculum and a school becomes more and more formal the kids will become more and more like a cow factory of brainwashed glorified conflict graphing calculaters.. and less and less human, because isnt creating tools, creating language, creating every innovation ever was out of natural necesisite, now that everything necesarry is a givin, why think outside the neatly machine wrapped box your dinner, newspaper, and paycheck comes in, a mighty nice louis vuitton box it is to boot!