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Naples, FL, United States

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I am currently an Artist -painter and powerboat (catamaran) designer and builder living in south Florida. I formerly raced offshore powerboats (mono-hull cigarette). I grew up sailing and came to rely more on powerboats as a diver. I am a USCG licensed Captain/ Master with experience in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. I am a Diver-PADI dive master with underwater salvage experience in Florida diving Spanish galleons on Mel Fisher's east coast wreck sites. I have also dived everywhere I've Captained. I formerly constructed ,owned and operated Cable Television and telephone systems across the USA from college until the age of 30. I have always been an avid outdoor sports enthusiast including all alpine and marine activities having grown up in the eastern US and then Colorado's rocky mountains. At 30 I had the opportunity to pursue a new career on the water. I built on all of my previous experience and eventually founded a boat manufacturing company building my own designs. I am also a travel enthusiast, private pilot, and have aquired and developed many other skills as a result of the varied experience gained through business and travel. I am always looking for new projects to participate in with creative, energetic people whether they are artists, engineers, scientists, adventurers or entrepreneurs. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas you may have as I might be able to help in some way. Sincerely, Randy

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Individual freedom and responsibility! Respecting, protecting and appreciating our natural world.

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I would like to develop new multi-hull watercraft and ultimately build a high speed electric catamaran. I can contribute in many ways to the development of any product, process or idea! Contact me!

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Randall Kahn
Posted almost 3 years ago
Pankaj Ghemawat: Actually, the world isn't flat
Excellent! Having had a manufacturing plant in another country (Yucatn,Mexico) and noticing no other foreigners, particularly other Americans I couldn't understand the popular belief that the two countries were fully integrated as far as manufacturing goes. Every country I have visited maintains a distinct culture, language and primary economy within their own borders. This guy supports my own observations with some statistical data. Once again the popular media proves how successful it can be at disseminating myth and misinformation. Randy ,U.S.A.