Kanari Liu

Retired chairman of students' union, East China University of Politic Science and Law
Shanghai, China

About Kanari


Major in Governmental Management, East China University of Political Science and Law, 2009~2013. Exchange student to Nagoya University at School of Law for a semester, 2012. Chairman of Students' Union of my college, 2011~2012. Tiring work. And I know that there're still things that I can't manage to do.

Areas of Expertise

Governmental Management, Travel , language , ancient Chinese

An idea worth spreading

Every miracle has its cost.

I'm passionate about

traveling, language studying, convey positive energy to others, reading and enjoy gourmet. Love beauties.

Talk to me about

secret recipes, art, interesting things, traveling, how to get a job...how to pretend to be strong, how to kill time, or anything!!!!!!!!!!!!

People don't know I'm good at

Cooking, selecting tasty dishes, singing, att

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