Phyllis Huster

President & CEO, Deblume, Inc.
Seattle, WA, United States

About Phyllis


Seasoned executive and line of business Manager, senior Program in telecomm, wireless and enterprise Ecommerce markets. Managed medium to very large integration programs & projects ($100M-$500 Mil), from requirements through implementation/delivery including staffing, capex/opex budgets, vendor management and contracts/service level agreements, legal contracts, RFP management, marketing, testing teams and development. Skilled with converging on aggressive deadlines within or under budget. Strong and skilled functional & fiscal PM of medium to large teams, multi-vendor solutions and product management end-to-end roadmaps and error free releases. Capable manager of complex wireless and telecomm network cutovers and enterprise services such as Ecommerce, Mobile and Web Cloud, SIP/VOIP, IP-PBX, Unified Messaging, 800# Speech IVR and hosted call center services. Strong CRM, Security, SAP Financials and Financial Forecasting and budget management of large complex projects.


• Managed an $80M Telecomm & Broadband connectivity spend category as a Sr. Procurement consultant at Microsoft, negotiated 10x the bandwidth for 25% of price.
• Managed all legal contracts and global vendor relationships for Microsoft telecom circuit purchases
• Defined Microsoft’s digital supply chain strategy and launched the revolutionary new software delivery process using POSA (point of Sale Activation) Giftcards moving Microsoft Office from boxed software to Giftcards sales with BestBuy Retail Stores. Drove $30M in COGS savings per quarter after launch. Involved complex data infrastructure and Ecommerce backend coordination between Microsoft and BestBuy.
• Recent Microsoft experience implementing Digital Supply Chain using JIT Just In Time Software Key delivery, sellkeys reconciliation & ecommerce partners partner management driving a 20% reduction in COGS for software delivery
• Recent Microsoft Xbox webservices launch using SQL Azure cloud technology for deploying Digital Supply Chain process driving COGS down, margin up and 4 to 1 product sales. Also built the tools to manage Xbox cards to drive up the sales of digital items within gaming and game consoles
• Expert in PKI encryption, Email Security, Unified Messaging and Ecommerce PCI Compliance and abuse and legal policies around secure Broadband services
• Managed AT&T Mediamall $500M line of business. Ecommerce property driving 5% revenue lift (or $10M per month) from increased Web functionality using web analytics & Customer profiling
• Managed 3 dimensional Cube views of data warehouse data for customer purchases for Microsoft Xbox and other software sales. Strong ERP, CRM and SAP Based tool interfacing project skillsets. Helped architect api’s for finbus financial bus delivering data from various legacy systems to SAP.
• Launched American Idol generating $20M in sms and advertising revenues on 60M AT&T cellphones driving US teenage SMS usage to 80% from 20%
• Capable senior PM in various carrier applications such as Ringtones/Games, SMS/MMS, Billing/OSS, SIP/VOIP & Hosted IP PBX,WIFI/Wimax, and web E-commerce payment systems.
• Launched T-Mobile’s Fave 5 service to 20M T-Mobile customers, resulting in millions per month in increased revenue.
• Published author and patent holder in unified messaging and wireless technologies.
• Certified Telecomm specific Project and Program Management, capable in agile/scrum/waterfall project methodologies

Patent Pending 13/650,033 "An Electronic Commerce System"



Areas of Expertise

Mobile , commerce, Social Media and tecnology, Patent, Innovation, Genius, Technology - Instructional, Visionary

An idea worth spreading

we can chemically neutralize our plastic and remove it from being a natural hazard dumped in the trash heaps to fester. We can turn all those object we have in our trash into a self perpetuating financially lucrative loop of prosperity.

I'm passionate about

visionary technology that changes the world - mobile commerce that allows incremental gives (see my patent on teaching people to work for themselves and the content revolution

Talk to me about

inventions, startups, ideas, converting ideas to global technology that changes peoples lives, higher education and the need for grounded curriculum, volunteering to improve the lives of others

People don't know I'm good at

photography, hiking, biking, writing movie scripts and most of all petting my kitty cats

My TED story

Patent Pending - An 18 Year Odyssey
18 years ago I had a big idea. To help police officers receive faxes of incident reports & critical case voicemails to their handhelds, I needed to invent a kind of web mailbox that could store these faxes and voicemails. I invented unified messaging in the summer of 1994. It was exciting except for the part where after I did all the work of finding the patent attorney, submitting my original drawings-my business partner failed to put my name on the patent. For 16 years I did not know I had rights as the inventor. Today, I'm correcting the named inventor from a man who got $4.7M for the patent that wasn't his. Today I'm challenging over 65 Fortune 500 companies who use my patented idea to deliver messages to their customers whether twitter, ebay, gmail,, they all use my technology and I finally have the strength to demand that as the sole inventor of this technology I receive both the recognition and reward of my hard work.