About Yashasvini


A student of Development Studies at IIT Madras, Yashasvini is the epitome of focus among the youngsters of today. Having published articles from as tender an age as 6, she is now a consummate writer, with her work being published in leading newspapers and magazines. A much sought-after master of ceremonies at various events in the city, she has been involved with TEDxYouth@Chennai ever since its inception in 2010. She dabbles at debating, theatre and music, while always staying close to the shore of reading and writing. She is also passionately involved with various social work projects, latest of which involves the use of libraries as a tool to enhance primary education. An extrovert, enjoys life to the fullest

TED Conference

TEDWomen 2013

An idea worth spreading

Being the funnel.

Coming from a country where equality of opportunity remains a dream, I believe that each of us with the good fortune to expand our horizons should truly act as a funnel. Travel the world, meet scores of people and learn by the truckload before coming back home and channeling that learning back to the people here. One should be the funnel by assimilating information and letting in pass through you. You've been lucky and so, return the favour and spread the love. There are always people who want to learn.

I'm passionate about

People, places and possibilities. There are always conversations to be had, spaces to be discovered and projects to be attempted.

Talk to me about

what is development, event management, women's issues, print media and journalism, education, the Indian story

My TED story

My TED story is the story of a high school student whose phone rang to change her life. A day before one of the most important exams of my schooling, I got a call asking to come to a meeting. The TEDxYouth@Chennai team was searching for student volunteers to stay true to their 'youth' tag. Three years, three events and over three dozen speakers later, I have grown from volunteer to organizer to co-licensee and TEDxYouth@Chennai has become synonymous with an extended family and wonderful memories.