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Generation X, GenY and younger are color blind when it comes to dealing with others compared with the older generation. The attributes of the younger generation is conducive to sharing of ideas, information and discoveries.

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Learning new ideas; learning about the evolving human race; peace in homes, communities and the world;

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Mari Hethcoat
Posted over 2 years ago
Build peace: be on time
In FILIPINO (when referring to the national language, FILIPINO also pertains to the race/people) or Tagalog (one of the 171 local dialects. in a country composed of 7,100 islands) which happens to have been designated as the National Language of the Philippines: Filipino/Tagalog are therefore interchangeable. I LOVE YOU = Mahal kita (love you) a longer version is IKAW AY MAHAL KO [ Ikaw (you), ay (be or just a conjunction), mahal (love) ko (I)] WE LOVE YOU = Mahal namin kayo (Mahal is love, namin (we/us) is plural, and kayo (you) is plural but can also be singular when used to show a sign of respect to an older person usually. Its great that your parents brought that tradition of 'hospitality adventure' into your home! Warm regards, Mari