Brian Ferdinand

President, Liquid Holdings Group, LLC
New York, NY, United States

About Brian


Brian Ferdinand has over a decade’s worth of experience in trading technology, proprietary trading, portfolio management, and financial entrepreneurship.

Ferdinand began his career at Sharp Capital LP as a Portfolio Manager, after which he went on to become a Partner and Managing Director at ECHOtrade. It was at ECHOtrade where he gained global acknowledgement for developing technology driven trading strategies which led the company to generate over $100 million in trading profit.

In 2011, Ferdinand founded Liquid Holdings Group LLC (LHG) with Richard Schaeffer. Brian’s influence at LHG is integral to the creation and development of Liquid’s next generation technology. His ability to implement innovative concepts and business strategies has benefited the financial services industry as a whole through integrated solutions for trading, accounting, and execution with direct market access.



Areas of Expertise

Entrepreneurial experience, Strategic Leadership, Joint Ventures, Venture Capital, Rapid Growth, Financial Metrics, Key Performance Indicators, Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, High Growth

An idea worth spreading

Deep ability to create value through consolidation of scalable enterprises.

I'm passionate about

financial strategies, innovative technology, entrepreneurship

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unique trading strategies, new and interesting technology, proprietary trading, hedge funds