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Kemar Thompson, more popularly known as Jr. Pinchers, was born in Rock Hall, Jamaica on October 10th, 1982. In kindergarten, Pinchers would perform songs upon request for fifty cents apiece. Because of his mother’s constant encouragement, his talent only seemed to blossom more and more with time. As he grew, he became very involved in his church choir. Jr. was famous for his take of ‘Roll Away’, a popular song at church. At the age of seven, Jr. Pinchers left Rock Hall and arrived in Queens’s borough to live with his father. His father is the legendary Delroy Thompson, also known as ‘Pinchers’. He has hit songs such as ’Agony’ and ‘Bandelero’. Growing up in Queens’s borough, Kemar Thompson was always trying to showcase his efforts, no matter the setting. Whether it is at school functions or district talent shoes, this seven year old boy was always a force to be reckoned with. Jr. Pinchers was a regular performer at The Black Roses Talent show on Maxfield Avenue. Because of these hometown shows, Jr. Pinchers’ stage name began to spread like ‘hot gossip’. Not only was Jr. Pinchers tremendously talented, but his father’s popularity didn’t hurt. Being the son of a reggae icon did not stop Thompson from growing his own voice and style of singing. It is well known that Jr. Pinchers can easily mesmerize his audience with a few simple notes. ..Through his teenage years, Kemar Thompson started to feel an intense desire to seriously begin developing his musical talents. In Kingsway High School, this talented teenager began battles, or locally known as ‘clashes’ under a mango tree. Surrounding neighborhoods

and other local artists began to join in and watch these clashes. Soon enough, the clashes at the mango tree became a staple in the neighborhood and high school. These clashes were created in order to form a kind of respect for artists who won. ..Because of Jr. Pinchers desire to be like his father, he spent the majority of his youth listening to music and learning from famous Jamaican singers that were his father’s friends. Some of these friends were Beres Hammond and Capleton. Instead of playing sports and such, Kemar dedicated all his time to learning, flourish in famous recording studios, such as Jammys, Scorpio, Cali Bud, Young Bloodz, Tiger Records and many more! Although he already had his own flair, in these studios is where Jr. Pinchers true approach to music took form. He began writing his own music, and recorded his first hit single ‘Blaze up the Fire’ in 1997. “True Story”, Jr. Pinchers first album, was released by Royal Concert productions. This album included hits like “Unfaithful Lover”, which later led to a music video. “Unfaithful Lover” was on Richi B’s chart in Jamaica, and the most requested single on Irie FM in 2007. The music video was requested on a regular basis on popular radio stations such as Hype TV, RE TV, and played on MTV Tempo. Jr. Pinchers has collaborated with famous musicians such as Chris Meredith, Llamar Brown, Martin Barnes, Wilburn ‘Squiddly” Cole, Chinna Smooth, and Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare.
After spending several years languishing in obscurity under the management of RCP, Jr. Pinchers reached his tipping point and decided to find a new label and management that would further his creativity and help bring a new style of music to the world.



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