Robert Berger

New Rochelle, NY, United States

About Robert


I am a classical musician , a former freelance Frenchhornist who is now trying to start projects to increase the popularity of classical music in America. I have been doing work with music appreciation for elderly and infirm people in nursing homes and people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy for th elast ten years or so and am hoping to expand my programs to reach people of all ages and walks of life who know little or nothing about classical music and to encourage them to make it a part of their lives by intrpducing htem to it and explaining it to them . My blog The Horn, is at the website, which has blogs on a wide variety of topics, and I cover classical music for it . All aspects of it ; composers, musicians, music history, orchestral music,opera, current events and issues in the field etc . As a performing musician, I have played in numerous orchestras, opera ocmpanies, concert bands and chamber ensembles under numerous conductors,including such well-known ones as Maurice Peress, Joann Faletta and Arthut Weisberg , and have performed in Italy, Switzerland, Australia,New Zealand ,Fiji and Samoa , and have also served as as substitute music teacher at various public schools on Long Island . I have studied at Hofstra University , Queens college of the City University of New York and S.U.N.Y Stony Brook on the undergraduate and graduate level and was music critic of the student newspapers at Hofstra and Queens college .

An idea worth spreading

Classical music is currently going through severe difficulties in America . Many of our great orchestras and opera ccmpanies are at risk of going under and some have already done this .Not because of any lack of excellence, far from it, but because of the considerable expenses needed for them to function and the woeful lack of government help . Also, audiences have been getting older, and it's very diificult to get more young people and even middle aged ones to become interested and enthusiastic about classical music . Therefore, I would like to form some kind of organzation or foundation devoted to bringing more people to classical music - people of whatever age or ethnicity .How ? By offering public forums to introduce people to classical music by playing recordings of it for them and explaining what this kind of music is for them .

I'm passionate about

Classical music, history ,geography,languages and linguistics and humor ., and helping America's great symphony orchestras and opera companies to flouirish .Increasing financial help to them.

People don't know I'm good at

I have vast knowledge of classical music history and repertoire .

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