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Ora Thames
Posted almost 2 years ago
What is the key to smarter decisions?
The key to better decisions is clear thinking. Your quality of your thinking determines the quality of your decisions and choices. Thinking is the hardest discipline of all of specially today. We are surrounded with so many distractions today, people cant stop being bombarding they minds with sensory input. These best way to practice for clear thinking is to practice solitude. Sit in solitude for about 30-60 mins with no distraction. ( No books, tv, computer etc, No distractions ) The first few times takes tremendous amount of discipline. After about 25-26 mins your mind goes clear and any problem you have been working on, the solution just pops into. your mind. Its almost like a miracle, when you practice solitude you super-conscious mind and intuition. Every body who practices will tell you its incredible.