Stefano Gabriele

Faculty Member, Assistant professor of Structural Mechanics, University of Rome "Roma Tre", Italy
Rome, Italy, Italy

About Stefano


Stefano Gabriele is an Assistant Professor of strength of materials and structural mechanics at the College of Architecture at University ‘Roma Tre’. His main research work is carried out in the field of structural mechanics. His scientific interests include; engineering inverse problems; uncertainty treatment and propagation by non-probabilistic (interval) models; damage evaluation and health monitoring of structures, (in collaboration with the Structural Dynamics research group of the National Seismic Survey). I collaborate with the Roma Tre LaMS (Modeling and Simulation Lab) research group regarding molecular dynamics simulations, geometric modeling, biomechanics.


English, Italian

Areas of Expertise

Structural Mechanics, Analysis and Design, Finite element analysis, Interval computations, Interval analysis based optimization, Data Processing, Matlab, Inverse problems in engineering, Structural identification, Finite element model updating

I'm passionate about

I love soulful house music. I love swimming (I swim with a masters team). I love my wife Manuela and my daughter Giulia. I love my MacBook Pro. I love the Web. I love the sea and the sun.

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cooking italian dishes