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Oslo, Norway

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I'm a hoop dance instructor and the owner of a company (Mad Moonrise Hoop Dance) that offers Hoop Dance classes, hoops and exercise DVDs in Oslo, Norway. I live for hooping, which is an activity where we use custom made hoops to do a large variety of tricks and dance moves. I'm interested in marketing, innovation, business strategy and my inspiration comes from Simon Sinek and Steve Jobs.

An idea worth spreading

Please check out Simon Soineks speech here on TED about the inspired leader. It changed my view on marketing, from being something "egoistic" one does to get rich, into being something totally honest, something that connects me with the purpose of my whole existence.

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about Hooping and Hoop Dance. I'm interested in marketing, innovation, business strategy and my inspiration comes from Simon Sinek and Steve Jobs.

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Marketing, small business related topics, hooping, etc.

People don't know I'm good at

teaching! Being a good teacher is a disease that runs in my family :)

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Benedicte Rasch
Posted about 2 years ago
START UP COMPANIES! We want to know what makes you tick, your drive, passion and reasoning for starting your own company.
I came across hoop dance by a coincident (or what I thought was a coincident before I understood online marketing). I bought myself a custom made hula hoop, handmade, large, colorful, and started to practice dance and doing tricks with it. My creativity exploded, I got hooked and I felt like a child on christmas day with my new toy. It had transformed my life, and I wanted others to experience what I had experienced. It was also a great exercise, and I thought there must be a great activity for people who wants a fun and effective exercise. My good feeling and my inspiration was the whole fire that started my business. Well, after I'd been practicing for a year, I started producing hoops, I rented a dance studio where I could have my classes, and, at that time I also had to quit my dayjob because the shop I worked in was closed down. I had my rent to pay like everyone else, I had no other income, so I kind of risked everything,but at the same time: if I hadn't been able to provide myself only from my business, I would have applied for another dayjob that could have paid my rent and also paid for some marketing, so it wasn't like I risked my life or something. The way I see things, "what drives you" is the same question as "why did you set up your own business". When customers or those presented to my idea doesn't buy it, I try to figure out how to communicate my message in a way that inspires to action. I'm very inspired by other hoop dance companies, and I'm inspired by the ideas of Simon Sinek (see his speech here on Ted). I'm inspired by a hoop dance business owner named Christabel Zamor. Persevere? This is where money comes in. As long as money comes in I will persevere. Seeing customers benefit from my services and products is also very helpful. My advice to a start up company: Spend your advertising budget on promoting your Facebook page using sponsored stories. Right funny fb updates that people are likely to share. Watch Simon Sinek's speech.