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Ketan Bhavan
Posted almost 2 years ago
Should we limit our use of cellphones, internet and TV to get back our mental peace?
I agree with many in this discussion. The internet has evolved from a want to a need in todays society. Although there are many out their still resisting this inevitable change. I feel that it is only a matter of time. Nowadays gaming is done online, research is done online, you can learn, plan, implement and analyse using the internet. It is not only a benefit in so many ways, but it has allowed human intelligent to progress at a far faster rate. I guess this can be highlighted through the success of ecommerce and digital marketing companies such as . Only three years old, and growing at a substantial rate. I think its those who know most about the digital world like this company, will provide services for all those possibly hesitant to start up online and give everyone a chance to reap the rewards of an online business. I guess my end note is that the digital world is our life. Being a young individual I would not know how to live without it to be honest. The next generation will be so dependent on the digital world that I feel only those who have began to utilize its functions will survive.