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Steve Weinzirl
Posted about 2 years ago
Should we limit our use of cellphones, internet and TV to get back our mental peace?
You asked, "Should we limit our use of cellphones, internet and TV to get back our mental peace?" The answer is, "Yes." Nothing is achieved in life without the application of our attention. If we split our attention between too many competing areas then the deep focus required to penetrate life's greater mysteries cannot be achieved. The ability to simply sit and think about a problem is of primary importance. Nothing is achieved without the application of attention. The most distilled and powerful application of attention comes by giving our awareness to one thing at a time. The array of options for where to place our attention is not the big problem. The big problem is developing the wisdom to choose the right one and the discipline to keep our attention on our choice. Fear makes people jump from place to place looking for safety or satisfaction. Love allows us to focus. As long as there is something that ignites a passion within an individual then love will drive them forward. No amount of technology will stand in their way or fail to serve their need. We do need to slow down. I’d say we should make it a regular part of each day. A time to reflect and see how we feel about where we are and where we think we are going. A resting point in each day that allows us to see if we still follow our passion. There is a line from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life that says, “Why don’t you kiss the girl instead of talking her to death?” That’s the problem with too many distractions. We talk it to death when all we really have to do is begin.