Tung Kenny

Croupier, Casino
Singapore (Sembawang), Singapore

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Cantonese, Chinese, English

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Drawing / Sketching, Design - Build

An idea worth spreading

The influence of society. Our likes and dislikes, our behaviour and actions - Are they developed naturally or we are just a mere influence and reflections of what we experience? For instance, is your interests really what you like spiritually, or due to certain exposures to the "thing" that makes you like it? We are brought up to differentiate right and wrong via "laws" - But if laws didn't exist, what is -right- and what is -wrong- ?

I'm passionate about

Automotives - Motorcycles and Cars, Acoustic Musics, Guitars, Design, Architecture, Fashion

Talk to me about

Anything. Innovations, interesting ideas, philosophy, automotives, designs. Just anything

People don't know I'm good at

Thinking. I think alot , but I speak little. My thinking is quite different from others of my age, so I tend to connect more with people older.

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Tung Kenny
Posted almost 2 years ago
Money or Life ??
The answer to your question is largely based on where your circumstances. Our society generally require us to make money, as money is the medium that allow us to trade for things we want in life. Taking a model into the explaination, I will reference my case to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. The first level of needs is Physiological, which means survival essentials - shelters, food, clothings. Do we need money for all these items, what we deemed as for "survival?" Yes. As you can see, money, whether we like it or not, becomes a large pie in our needs. And the society is partially the cause of the social behaviour. Say for instance, I like arts and designs. But in where I am, there is no place for appreciation for arts. hence, even with the passion, the chances of me succeeding and actually "surviving" with it is slim (and by no means impossible).