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Pamela Grandin
Posted over 1 year ago
High school students 9-12 are bored to tears. I was bored to tears in the 50's, ask a student today and they too are bored to tears.
While this seems to be a little off topic from the original question, it can tie into the boredom factor that we often hear from students these days. Something else to keep in mind is that it's quite difficult to motivate students (and adults) who don't have the basic skills to learn what someone is trying to teach them. An example would be that student who has failed to learn his math facts, although he's in the same classroom with other students who can seemingly learn them without struggle. What often is overlooked in this example is that perhaps it's the students memory that is causing the failure. This student would begin to behave like they had no motivation, when in fact, they CAN'T remember them despite being 'taught' them over and over. Our world and way of living has changed and unfortunately, our education system hasn't. By fixing the weak or missing learning skills - which aren't taught in schools - before trying to teach academics, we would see an increase in student motivation and success as well as more satisfied teachers as they would know that what they are teaching is actually being learned. Teaching does not automatically mean Learning...that is the crack kids are falling through in our education system. Thank you for this wonderful conversation!