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I am a small town girl, married for 20 years to the love of my life. We have no children, but a lot of cats! I am my mother's only child and my dad's oldest daughter. I am the primary earner in our home due to my husband's health. We are poor by American standards of income, but I am blessed. I have friends and family who love me, a husband who would move heaven and earth to stay by my side, and parents who always put me first. I have 2 sisters on my dad's side, and I have always felt blessed to have experienced 2 lives; the life of an only child and the life of a sibling. Both have more positives than negatives. My sisters are a source of pride and inspiration for me daily.

I am also a little crazy. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and lately they are worse than ever before. But I am determined not to let that stop me. I am not perfect, and that is okay.

Probably the most important thing I would want someone to know about me is that I am a Christian (not sure why I saved it for last). I believe that Christ died for my sins and rose again. I have a relationship with God, he lives in my spirit and, when I let him, he guides me through each day. For some that really sounds crazy! No, I don't hear voices or see burning bushes, I just have faith, even in my darkest moments, that what I am going through is not all there is. God has a plan and I am part of it.

That's me, in a nutshell. Nothing too special by some standards. Just an ordinary girl looking for growth and enlightenment, and a closer walk with God and his children.

An idea worth spreading

God's love for his people. ALL his people. We don't have to share the same values or views, we don't have to come from the same place or be headed in the same direction. It is not up to me to judge the world or try to turn the world to my beliefs. It is my job to live my beliefs, to grow in my faith and share that experience. What the world does with what I share is not my concern. I just want to share the love, grace, forgiveness, and strength I have found in God.

Crazy is okay. As I said in my bio, I am crazy. And I think that is okay. And an idea worth repeating.

I'm passionate about

God. I am passionate about understanding my walk with him & growing into the woman he created me to be. My family. I am passionate about providing and protecting my family. And music and books. :-)

Talk to me about

God, faith, fear, family, anxiety, panic, prayer, worship, cats. Really, talk to me about anything. I want to learn. I want to grow. Just talk to me!

People don't know I'm good at

procrastination. hiding my tears. organizing. wow.....I can't think of anything else. I have always considered myself an open book.

My TED story

I am new, so I don't really have a story. I became interested in TED when a friend shared a link to Brene Brown's talk on listening to shame. It was very powerful and gave me a lot to think about. And I want more!

Favorite talks

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Tamara Tipton
Posted over 2 years ago
What motivates you?
faith motivates me. Mine and others. I have a friend who is fighting cancer and her faith in God, her absolute conviction that whatever happens today is in God's hands give me so much courage. I look at single parents who are surviving wholly on faith that it will be okay. Maybe not today, but someday. When I see that kind of faith, courage, and strength, it strengthens me and motivates me to stretch my faith and believe for things that seem impossible.
Tamara Tipton
Posted almost 3 years ago
AJ Jacobs: My year of living biblically
I will admit to being a "cafeteria" christian. I do pick an choose. This is because I truly believe that Christ came to release us from the laws that governed in the old testament. As A.J. pointed out, the laws and rules are so numerous that it would be next to impossible for us to follow every one faithfully. It will only lead to failure and defeat. Jesus died on the cross and rose again to release me (and everyone else) from that failure. He opened the door to allow us each to experience a personal relationship with God. Directly. Not because we earned the right, but because we are loved that much by our Father. That is an incredible gift. One that I don't want to waste by getting bogged down in the law. I want a relationship, not rules. In the eyes of some that may make me weak or misguided, but that is okay. It is my walk, my faith. And I will be the one to stand before God at the end of my days and be judged. Until then, I will walk where I feel he leads me. And I will let everyone else do the same. Thank you A.J. for a very interesting and thought provoking video.