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anand Bapat
Posted almost 3 years ago
Why not pay doctors after getting rid of disease...?
preventive health strategies have been in place in ancient times. in acupunture traditionally they used to have a system where - you paid to remain healthy. if one got sick, payment ceased & the practitioner had to return the person to good health before payments to the practitioner resumed. the good things about that are 1. people get good preventive health & are encouraged by the doctor to remain healthy as he /she gets a good feed. 2. sickness makes the doctor a pauper so its in his interest to practise good preventive medicine 3. develops a completely new a paradigm for health - how to maintain health rather than worry about disease & concentrate on getting rid of disease 4. it also emphasises how we measure health & clear parameters for defining health criteria. i would one day like to practise this philosophy & benefit from it. hope this helps anand