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Mat Petersen
Posted about 2 years ago
Hendrik Poinar: Bring back the woolly mammoth!
HAAAAA I agree completely. Foreign aid? laugh out loud! but really.... What procured my attention to your post was the Edison comment. I am a huge fan of Nicola Tesla. Lets not take the conversation tooooo far away from the premise. I however, have made it a personal goal to see edition disgraced as a human being for all the $#!^ he did to people including Tesla. As it would seem he had a multitude of inventors working for him and every time they had an idea a patent with editions name on it seemed to come up... hmm. One such invention was the light bulb which he stole from 20 other people. Look it up :) Edison was a D!(K. Back to the topic and me agreeing with you. I say lets just go for it. Religious implications aside... It's a good idea. If you are a god head, Think about it this way. He created us in his image, therefore we mirror him Need I go further? Also, If you would like to understand where our current lack/drain/troll of resources and money problems are... well... you're living in it. It's called capitalism and it's one of the last standing installations in a long line of societal blocks towards progression. Invest in 3d printers and you will see the people that have access to the manufacturing process shift to the individual instead of the few individuals. Maybe we can restructure this $#!^ and actually get somewhere. somewhere that people can actually get stuff done and do research that matters. Like discovering our past so we can find our future. cloning ancient animals? That only seems logical since our knowledge of change in species is minimal at best. Wouldn't it make sense to learn how we evolve? Maybe it would point us towards where we are going, yea? This only makes sense if you watch where you walk. Meanwhile we are simply rolling in the mud with our eyes open.