Anat Gilenson

Bet Shemesh, Israel

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English, Hebrew, Russian

An idea worth spreading

The MEET(Middle East Education through Technology) program takes youth in the age of 15-16 and teaches them business, technology, and most important, it teaches them how to make a change. When I was 15, i first entered the world of MEET. I walked into a room full of people from "the other side" - people that we, the Israelis call enemies. During the next two years, we faced challenges, learned and grew up. We learned to respect each other and to work as a group. We became grown up people who know how to speak their mind, who think big, strive for excellence. People who know how to face challenges, to be creative and be able to shape this world that seems unchangeable - we became leaders in the age of 17. Today, MEET is a network that consists of hundreds of young leaders who are enthusiastic to bring new ideas to the world - these people, these ideas will change the world we live in. Find more on : ,

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about science, technology and art. I love discovering new ideas and listening to interesting people.