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Leah Monier
Posted over 1 year ago
Females seem to be better at empathy does this mean that they have more mirror neurones then men?
My personal observations are that women have more tendancy to trust and identify with their body and their instinctive and subconscious mechanisms than do men. Men are generally more drawn to valuing their conscious choices and awareness, and considering their instincts and subconscious reactions as irrational, destructive, and even dangerous. I suggest that men simply repress their empathic reactions, and even simply go into denial about them- for it can be observed at times that a empathetic reaction is happening in the body, but if you ask the man, he is totally unaware of it. (his own muscles moved with the observation of a gesture someone else did). As far as being responsible for civilisation, societies are built upon the cycle of imitation and innovation. All inventions are constructed upon previous knowledge or skills, the inventions and new ideas are simply old ones put together in new combinations. So imitation is necessary for the sharing of ideas, emotions, art, music, but INNOVATION is also necessary! It is the individualist mindset that innovates by making new combinations. Women tend to feel drawn to relation and identification with others, and the passing of information through imitation, but men as they strive to feel individual separation, are more often innovators of conscious creations, such as technology. Both are needed to construct a civilisation.