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joseph yu
Posted about 2 years ago
Is our math wrong? Is it our assumption of zero, or absolute nothingness?
I totally agree with you. if we created another math based on other fundamental concept. The way we recgnize the world would be different. we might be able to move from one place to another place 1 thound miles away in just one moment. it's wide spread across China that ways of great mistery In traditionall Chinese 2000 years ago can control time and space, but without record or desendant. one famous notion is that the greatest secret cannot be leaked. otherwise, it will do harm to people....I guess when the so-called sientist one day found the secret of the universe, we might have no hope of living on as the destination of human-being is a disaster or we've controlled by someone else we don't know but they are there observing us like a boy is playing a game with ants.