Vincenzo Sergi

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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My interests lie in, Theoretical Science, Physics, Theology as historical document, Photography, Writing, Psychology, Arts, Cosmology, Philosophy.

An idea worth spreading

life, the universe, all that there is, good and bad is a big puzzle. all the pieces are important and necessary to make up the whole picture.

I'm passionate about

Life. It may sound funny but, I love and appreciate everything from the morning dew on the new grass, (I know, corny, lol) to the fiery inferno in our tormented nightmares.

Talk to me about

psychology, physics, philosophy, theoretical science......

People don't know I'm good at

I'm never fully satisfied with anything. There is always room to improve what I'm really good at...

My TED story

Friends have directed me to TED, I have been told that it is where I belong. I wondered whether they were pulling my chain.... well, at this point it does not matter if they were or not. What matter is that, I enjoy this community, there are many fascinating people and, I love the idea that there are so many thinkers out there. Is this a good TED story? Perhaps not but, I needed to say it. I don't necessarily agree with some of the opinions but, the fact that I can safely disagree is satisfying and quenching.
A big thank you to the people who directed me to this site.... you know who you are. ;)

Comments & conversations

Vincenzo Sergi
Posted over 1 year ago
Are humans inherently selfish? If so, should we try to resist this nature?
Humans are just about anything that you can think that they may be. Are they selfish, you ask?! Many of them definitely are. Many are not, my friend. To single out one characteristic and apply it to all would be a gross mistake. The reason that we are at the top of the food chain is because we are the most adaptive chameleons this world has ever known. Cheers. Have been away from this site for a while. Life has been getting in the way. Glad to see some old faces still around. ;)
Vincenzo Sergi
Posted almost 2 years ago
Do jails (Gaols) rehabilitate?
Our present system does not rehabilitate. The short reason is, it deals with humans. We jail people for breaking the law. We are not sufficiently knowlegeable in the process of the human mind. Adaptability to jail conditions is favourable to long term habitation (addiction) Let us not mistake that those that are realeased that do not recommit have been rehabilitated, they probably would not recommit even if they had not been incarcerated, it is, "I made a grave mistake" The law is not black and white but, much grey area exists. The crown must deal with the black and white. The problem with the grey area is due to interpretation. The law is far from being perfect but, it is the best we have. I must also point out that, it is through trial and error that we have evolved to what we are now, like it or not. :) We are all human beings. We must remember what is a crime in one part of the world may not be a crime on another. To come back to the question. Try to imagine what it would be like in a world without crime. All laws made by man obeyed. Does this sound like black and white? Yes, to me it does! .... Unfortunately you cannot put parameters to crime so that they would only be petty ones. It is part of who we are so, real hardcore criminals I believe do not rehabilitate Cheers btw. This conversation is not a simple one, the TED community could write each a book on the subject and still not come up with a universal understandind because we are constantly changing. ;)
Vincenzo Sergi
Posted about 2 years ago
The new in a bubble. (Are you a snob?)
in my travels I have had the fortune to hobknob with the dirt poor all the way to the rich and famous and, what I have learned is that of all the classes of people, not one class is really aware of the others. Yes they know that they are there but, once we are in our own little nest, nothing else exists nor matter. I think this would qualify everybody as snobs or not, it is all part of the egocentric nature that we are. btw. let's not get too hung up on tests and studies, life is such that we can conjure up tests and studies that can and will yield the results that we are looking for. Cheers
Vincenzo Sergi
Posted about 2 years ago
What does it mean to be human?
yes of course but, Humans are further evolved to consciousness. Is this full consciousness?? I doubt it. Full consciousness may well be knowing nothing at all. .... "the more I learn, the less I seem to know" Cheers