Majd Al-Shihabi

Student, University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Canada

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Systems Design Engineering Student at the University of Waterloo. Interested in human factors. Working on Collaborative systems with tabletop touch interaction.


Arabic, English

Areas of Expertise

human factors, Systems design, Engineering, Human Computer Interaction

An idea worth spreading

Access to information is democratizing our world. More access means more democracy.

I'm passionate about

Design, technology, web 2.0, role of art in society, international development, holistic problem solving, economics, evolution of society, evolution of ideas, Engineers Without Borders


University of Waterloo

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Holistic development, holistic design, international development

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Majd Al-Shihabi
Posted over 3 years ago
What was the most amazing social experience you had and why?
I'm not old enough to have some of the strange experiences some of the other commenters have had, but here's one: I took a month off from university studies, June 2009, after a few tough months in university. I decided to travel alone, and went to Italy, using CouchSurfing contacts to host me. I spent the first week in Rome, then on the saturday, 6 June, I took the overnight train to Milano. I arrived very early on the 7th, and my host was not due arrive until later that night. I had a very big backpack with all my belongings in it, so it was very difficult to move. I sat in front of the station, and waited for Renato to arrive. After about half an hour of waiting, an old italian man approached me and tried to talk to me. I spoke no Italian at the time, and he spoke no English. Somehow, we communicated, and he took my hand, put my backpack in the luggage deposit, took me to the metro station, we arrived in Duomo, the main Cathedral, walked around it, then moved to La Scala, the main theater, then Gallaria, where he bought some delicious breakfast for me, then we walked to Castello, looking through the museums, and at the end of the day, he took me back to the train station, where left me again and i never saw him again. The strangest part of this is not that he picked me from the big crowd of people, or that he paid for everything, or that we communicated without speaking each other's language, but that 7 June was also my birthday!
Majd Al-Shihabi
Posted over 4 years ago
Dean Kamen: The emotion behind invention
I find it extremely ironic that this video was posted exactly the day after Wikileaks released a video of US soldiers celebrating shooting and hitting journalists, civilians and children in Iraq.