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Muhammad Fathi Rayyan
Posted almost 2 years ago
Why does the Western world think democracy is a magical, catch all solution?
There is no democracy for fools . Just imagine a village surrounded by a large river.The only access to go in and out is a concrete bridge that was built decades ago by the central government.One day, one of the residents who are fishing at the river find sth odd look with the bridge. Foundation cracks appear.Because he’s one of a few villagers who have knowledge abt construction,he would propose to the head-of-village so that the bridge will be renovated as soon as possible. The problem is,they need lots of money to fix the bridge. All people gathered in the village hall.The head of village asking their opinion.Democracy.It’s whether thy’ll repair the bridge using their money or just waiting the central government to fix it which will take times.That’s a fatal way to make decision,isn’t it? Although the whole world says it's the best way: democracy. Because most of the people do not understand anything abt civil construction, they do not understand about standard of safety,they argue emotionally,not logically.And more than that, not many people are willing to give their money for bridge repairs.They are the stakeholders on the implications of their decisions,they think it’s better to spend money for other purposes.At the end of the democratic process, the chief-of-village decided to take the decisions by the majority vote.As predicted,the vote to pending the repair gain victory.The repair is delayed. 3 weeks passed,on a sunny morning, when the bridge is crowded with the people crossing it, as the children go to school at another village,the bridge suddenly collapsed.15 children died during the incident. 5 others died while being transported to a nearby hospital.It’s really a high price to be paid for the majority vote, Isn’t it? Is democracy the best system given by God? Written in the scriptures?Obviously not. Democracy is a human creation. In historical records, the authoritative system can also bring a better welfare. eg. Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire.