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Eva Karin Andersson
Posted about 2 years ago
How do we draw the line between embracing vulnerability and being careless?
I think that we should understand the talk about vulnerability as something that is interpersonal and that there are other structures in societies that need to be dealt with before going down to that interpersonal level. I don't know if I understand your question correctly, but i believe that the problems you are talking about should be dealt with as an equality matter on a higher societal level. It's not up to the individual to deal with soicial structures like this. It's the wrong way to go about the problem. In fact it's impossible. It needs to be done just like you did, by information, and preferrably on an even bigger scale. It's a structural and social problem, not an individual problem. And it cannot be solved as an individual problem. As I see this talk, it has nothing to do with being careless or letting people do whatever they want to you. Maybe it's even the other way around? Maybe if you admit you are vulnerable it gets easier to stand up for yourself than if you walk around pretending you can handle anything or that nothing really matters? My answer to your question would be that showing vulnerability or not is not an issue in this case since it's a structural problem. Still, showing vulnerability can probably be helpful in other small or big personal ways to most people. That's what I believe.