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Minneapolis, MN, United States

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English, Russian, Swedish

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Collaborative Innovation, Design Research, Systems Thinking, Knowledge Synthesis, Creative solutions, Computational Thinking, Ethnographic research, Adobe Creative Suite

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Aleksey Polukéyev
Posted over 3 years ago
LIVE CHAT With Kevin Carroll: Can a ball save a life & change the world? What are the social innovation values of sports? June 15, 4-5PM EDT
I love playing pick-up soccer with all sorts of people - it's really a fantastic experience. It's not just about meeting new people and seeing new skill, it's testing your own adaptability, understanding of style and flow - real time collaboration with others to create purposeful motion. Sports are built on gesture, which is really an exploration of space - how you are in space and what you can imagine in space. I think knowing your body is a huge part of placing yourself in the world, there are other lessons in sports - perseverance, focus, dedication, cunning, spirit - but for me the most important is learning gesture - it's the fundamental element of our communication.