Nina Smith

Pedagogical Consultant
Port Angeles, WA, United States

About Nina


Nina is a pedagogical consultant who helps teachers to thrive in their profession. She is passionate about good quality education and interested in educational psychology. Nina is an author, educator, teacher trainer and a mother of four. Concrete teaching experience and insight of the world top-class educational system (Finland) give depth to Nina's 3C model of effective learning and teaching. By providing teachers with personalized tools Nina helps them promote deep learning and create more effective and emotionally safe classrooms.

Originally Nina comes from Finland, where she earned her M.Ed from the University of Jyvaskyla. Her travels have taken her to Mexico and the U.S., where she also mentors teachers pursuing their master's degree in Western Governors University. To contact Nina or to buy the book Choosing How to Teach, please visit To read the blog visit


English, Finnish

Areas of Expertise

Pedagogy / Education, Learning & Teaching

An idea worth spreading

We must refocus education and change the focus from teaching to learning.

Too often we get hung up on the terminology. We say how much we aspire to provide a good quality education. We wish for all our students to learn all necessary things, so that they may take their constructive place in the future of their country and culture. Sounds great, doesn’t it?
Yet, in very many discussions, plans, visions and policies we are mainly talking about teaching, not learning. And the plain painful truth is that this is NOT the way to get there.

While waiting for the politicians to make up their minds about the educational reform, we teachers should start the necessary paradigm change today. Choosing how to teach is a choice for every single teacher on this planet.

In some places this decision has already been made: Finland has opted out from the assessment crazed reform and measurements of teaching, and taken another route to effective education: empowering the students to learn.

I'm passionate about

Good quality learning and empowering students to become autonomous learners.

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Learning, teaching, facilitating students' learning, pedagogy, meaningful learning, learning as a process, non-punitive assessments.