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Charles Shepard IV
Posted over 2 years ago
Is evolution/religion/everything a self fulfilling prophecy?
With discussions like these it makes me feel like we're all on a chaos wheel. Without working together to find a truth beyond blind faith on both sides of the coin religion and science. we will always be stuck where we are. I would like to point out that "created in Gods image is just that, potentially created from the imagination of God, not the we are created in Gods exact image which seems to be the thought. First off NO ONE knows what God looks like, could be male, female, asexual, or just an entity of energy. It has never been stated or clarified. Anyone who says they know what God is, then those people MUST be God and you should be making changes. I would argue that there are people that do not have self recognition because there are quite a few people who act, pretend, or try and believe they are someone other then themselves. Which case makes some people no better then animals. Just my beginning thought.