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Kumar Norrie
Posted almost 3 years ago
Implementing a Star Trek Economy
People do their jobs so that they can can earn their living.money is just a concept that was created so that the resources are utilized properly,but now people feel money itself is everything.even if u have trillions and trillions of dollars or whatever currency what will you do with that if the natural resources are dead?? the earth is free.nobody has the right to own it .and whats the point of having this economic race when we know that the earth is a lone planet in solar system.shouldn't every body in the world be educated and given equal rights and facilities.in corporate sectors there is constant tug of war for power.what do you gain from wars and the arms race.having armies and weapons just indicates that every country is just waiting for a war to happen.the earth is not owned by anyone so why aren't people allowed to move freely.why the racism.why just don't believe in science and stop wasting your time with religion and divide people according to cast, color,race,country etc instead of many companies being in a race for launching a better product why can't there be a single firm for everything so that we don't waste the resources.scientists should work on enhancing the human body so that we can create more stronger,intelligent beings.