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Han Kim
Posted almost 3 years ago
What would you do for the world with $1 million?
I would reshape the creative minds of our youth that has been missing. independent children who focus's and strive for happiness beyond their selves. I would start a group organization that will teach and share ideas with children around the world. I truly believe our generation has been the dominant yet negative influence. From Media entertainment, articles(propaganda of terrorism), Teachings of division(rich and poor/Racism), and simply what truly defines happiness. I believe we all need to wake up and reach out to our youth. We simply forget the limits of our times and are easy to forget about the end(death). I would use the one million dollars to teach understandings far from education, and focus on the insights of world slavery, Natural disasters, Animal cruelty, and simply human health conditions. Would focus and deliver these problems to their attention, As I believe the children from half of the world truly live with joy. From teaching self respect, and self understanding, I believe this would generate love and understanding through one another. As the group of youth age with responsibilities, they would consider the absence of others needs to fully bring peace and equality through out the world.