Emily Tapley

Christchurch, New Zealand

About Emily


Gidday! My name is Emie, I am 16 years young with an open, polymathic mind. I am an anomalous and critical thinker. I am constantly challenging myself and my thoughts to develop my mind, body and soul. I am an inquisitive, resolute young woman with a dynamist attitude towards life. I get satisfaction out of inspiring and making real change to someone's life and I am driven to make real change in our world. I am passionate, purposeful and strong.



Areas of Expertise

Music, Trauma , happiness, Love , Teenagers, Mind and Body, Self Empowerment, Mentor , LEADER, spirituality

I'm passionate about

Expressing my thoughts and ideas to the world and leaving some inspiration in my tracks.

People don't know I'm good at

I am a very wise young woman. I have endured a lot of trauma during my short lifetime and have gained much from it. I am immensely grateful for my experiences beyond words.

My TED story

I was introduced to TED by my best friend and partner in life, Dejay Davison. We are huge fans of TED and watch countless videos together. The knowledge, insight and inspiration that I gain from TED is incredible. I am an addict.

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Emily Tapley
Posted almost 3 years ago
Love is overrated
I think Love (in a relationship) is what you make it and it all comes down to perspective. If when you look at your partner and think of the positive things - positive things will happen to you and your relationship. If when you look at your partner and think of the negative things - negative things will happen to you and your relationship. Perfection is the good + the bad. The balance is needed. It just comes down to keeping the balance and not letting the bad override the good.