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Ram Xz
Posted almost 3 years ago
Politics for Education
Its pretty cool to see people who still believe on education. Education is a hard topic to talk about, if you have all the money and if everything you suggest is automaticaly done, how exactly you are going to solve it? How to achieve that every student become a genius? Is that possible? Most people who talk about education tell us what not to do becuase education is affected by that, but no one tell us what to do to achieve that our students learn better, all ideas are about what not to do instead of what benefits good learning. When i talk about education i focus on Maths, if you can make that every student become a math genius, you solve education problem. I see around the world, and every effort to improve education require lot of time and money, and you can spend lot of money and at the end of the day the result can be worst that the original situation, I mean sometimes ita better do nothing than try to do something, is a high risky bet, is worst when you put your name on that, you spend money, time and got nothing. The most important piece on education is the smartnes of the student, if the student is very smart he will learn even in worst conditions, and if is pretty dumb he will be dumb even in the better conditions, middle smart students will be affected by external conditions if are good he will be a litle good if are worst conditions he will be a litle dumb. I am developing a non memorizative learning to make smart students so wherever they grow up they can become genius. Thats what I think about education, beyond money, go for what it can improve education, answer this question: If we do this, it will solve education problem? Or it doesnt? Because all people say where the problem is but nothing about solution. Yes Computers will better, but only with that it solves it? Good teachers is good but it solves it? What does it solves it, what make our students smart? I think the problem is in how we learn today, I propose a Non Memorizative Learning