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Thomas Lowth
Posted about 2 years ago
Is There a Future for Money?
The origin of money might as well be the origin of air. You say that the concept of money will always be relevant and that the physical representation of that power will shift with emerging technologies. I have a question to ask about the dynamics of how and why you think that a shift in technology will change the way we operate in social means? I'm not asking you to predict the future but I would just like to have a valid reason from you to justify why you think human behaviour will adapt in a positive way to the increase of technology? Understanding that the idea of 'trade' and 'purchase' and 'debt' are the implications stopping the progression into a healthy society should be known as the 21st century oblivious, next to nothing us 1% ... What 'Krisztián Pintér' the somewhat capitalist 'splinter' may believe works perfectly ok monetary system = an exploitation of the social structure as a means that the system runs on the survival of the fittest rather than a survival in unity thus the competitive nature which you find implicates your life now, as you mentioned 'you can't take it seriously' ... Why so serious?