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Steve Frazee is a writer, social entrepreneur, and executive consultant,who believes that business holds the key to creating and distributing well being on the planet. He is Co-Founder of HUB Grand Rapids, the West Michigan installation of the global HUB Network for social enterprise and innovation. He is licensee for TEDxGrandRapids in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. Steve likes to work with passionate people on big problems. He is currently developing a simple system to measure and treat human suffering and writing a children's book about the birth of the cosmos.



TED Conferences

TEDGlobal 2011, TEDGlobal 2009

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Startup Management, Human and Spiritual Development

An idea worth spreading

We each get about 30,000 days in life if we are lucky. What we do with those days is what gives life meaning. Don't waste a single day.

Let’s bring a sense of wonder back to human institutions and teach not just how to survive, but how to thrive!

I'm passionate about

1. Forms of commerce that naturally decrease human suffering and improve well being. 2. Forms of spirituality that transcend and include rational thought to inform the human experience.

Talk to me about

Your Highest Purpose? Have you found it? How did you find it? What changed?

People don't know I'm good at

Crafting intimate seven course meals with wine pairings. I also like making business models in Excel. (yeah, geeky, but I love it).

My TED story

TEDGlobal 2009 was my first TED conference. May 12th was our first TEDxGrandRapids where we hosted 650 thought leaders. I am very excited to return to TEDGlobal in 2011 to meet new people and share ideas worth spreading!

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

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Steve Frazee
Posted over 2 years ago
Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injustice
There is a systemic issue caused by the attributes of poverty colliding with the war on drugs. In areas where poverty is pervasive some people turn to dealing drugs as an obvious economic escape. For many, this is the only obvious economic escape. They see little other choice because society has unconsciously failed to provide them other choices. Once they make that choice they become the 'enemy' in the war on drugs. Year to date, over $8 billion has been spent on the war on drugs. http://www.drugsense.org/cms/wodclock Those resources will be better spent experimenting with mechanisms that offer economic mobility to communities trapped by poverty.
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Steve Frazee
Posted over 2 years ago
Paul Gilding: The Earth is full
Collaboration must transcend but include the competition at the center of Capitalism. Imagine a new form of economics called Collaboratism where economic agents are in competition to best serve human needs, defined as the reduction of suffering and production of well being. The outcome of such a system is potentially a self organizing economy that naturally improves the human experience and reduces the waste of resources. However, the issue may be that we need new forms of money to take this step.
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Steve Frazee
Posted over 2 years ago
Alain de Botton: Atheism 2.0
After this talk I asked Alain if he recognized a difference between spirituality and religion, and he said he did not. This is a mistake. In the US, 72% of Millenials identify as more spiritual than religious. An estimated 25%+ of Americans call themselves SBNR, spiritual but not religious. Alain sadly misses Chris' great question about spirituality and being connected to something larger than ourselves but without a need for religion. After my conversation with Alain I can't help but feel he is as dogmatic about Atheism as religious people can be about their traditions. I personally find that meaning making systems which include the possibility that we are connected to something larger than ourselves, even if we don't know what that, or those, might be, opens the door to humility and curiosity that is lacking in all dogmatic philosophies and scientific pursuits. But maybe I'll change my mind. I don't want to be dogmatic about it. :)
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Steve Frazee
Posted about 3 years ago
As a TEDx organizer please share a best practices, an innovation, something incredible or something useful from your TEDx event.
In my experience, the TEDx brand will draws volunteers that are aspirational in their desire to help, but who may not have developed the expertise to manifest those aspirations. Discernment is required to balance evolving creativity and within the constraints of delivering a quality product on time and at budget. Servant leadership by experienced professionals is very helpful in making it all come together.