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Liberal, Argumentative, Opinionated. I'm here because I have been watching videos from TED for weeks and I only just saw this side of the site. I would love to have intellectual discussion and debate; and it appears that this site can provide just that.



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An idea worth spreading is anything that can bring general good to humanity. I wish all ideas could be put under this banner. However, people have seemed to place certain views in a negative corner that yields taboo upon discussion of that topic. In a world as vastly connected as we are in modern day, all forms of speech should be heard. Even those detrimental to society have facets that cannot be ignored by the general population. When we as a whole deem parts of society as off limits and generally unspoken in both political and passive discourse, we further exacerbate the ignorance that our world has so cozily wrapped itself in.

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Health Care, Education Reform, Morality, Mentally Ill Rights, Gay Marriage, Drug Reform.

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Anything; if there are sides to it, chances are I have an opinion or insight into it.

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Listening and Absorbing Knowledge

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I will leave this portion unwritten, for no story has a true ending. In my circumstances, I venture a guess that my TED story has yet to even begin!

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Zachary Tyler
Posted about 2 years ago
A Single World Currency and a World Central Bank - For or Against?
I find this question to bring up several points that need to be touched upon. First off, with economic instabilities across the world stage, a unified currency standard would create a much easier way of tracking global economic progress/regression. However, even in that case, the division of wealth between countries would be too great to overcome due to the inconsistency in a standard that one could measure upon. For example, what is to say that an apple grown in Chile has the same economic impact as an apple grown in the United States? And, therefore, would create an inadequate indicator. Second, though the banking system that drives the world economy may not be the most effective, it does provide an easy medium for capital to flow in and out of international markets. With exchange rates fluctuating every millisecond due to the fast paced world market, I could easily exchange my American currency for any I please and with up to date rates. Finally, and this is the nail in the coffin for me, there is no way that this proposition would ever gain ground upon any stage. Ignoring the current Eurozone crisis, it goes to primary human nature. As the realm of psychological egotism clearly defines, human beings are only motivated by self interest. Politicians have their country's interests at heart and, in the case of a democratic republic such as the United States, those officials have gained that power due to their views coinciding with those of the voting populous. Now, if someone could convince a high ranking political official, say the Prime Minister of the U.K., that the currency of the world is based on both the economy of their country and that of a Third World nation, I could see this idea work. Unfortunately, this would devalue that country and, in the process, kill the idea. It's a great idea for a Utopian society; sadly, the closest this world has seen to Utopia is that of which Sir Thomas Moore wrote. And that, ladies and gentleman, was fiction.