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Tanja Nestoroska
Posted almost 3 years ago
What would you do for the world with $1 million?
I would gather the crew that helped green the great Loess Plateau in China, the size of Denmark. In ten years they turned the desert into a rainforest. All done with the locals, grasroot, the only way a process can be controled and protected. I'd gather them if they're willing and take them to the next devastated area in the world, to do the same, doing it as many times as the money will last. Greening the plateau not only improved the lives of the locals, it stopped erosion which was the main cause of pollution and smog in the cities along the main river. The climate also changed, and the watter supply in the area is now at a constant high level. Greening devastated areas is the best thing we can do. It provides biodiversity, supports all kind of wildlife and can be of a great significance to future human generations.