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Emil Chetty
Posted about 2 years ago
What are the arguments for and against philosophy in high school?
Philosophy can and should be explored in high school because this is the ideal time for students to engage its questions, arguments, and methods of thinking. High school students have not yet fully formed their habits of mind. They remain open, inquisitive, and intellectually playful. For many adolescents, the perennial questions posed by philosophy have urgency and personal significance. A formal guided society would allow for students to actively engage with the concepts and topics that they wouldn’t normally come across in subjects such as History or English, and help them in understanding the world around them. Simultaneously, high school students will develop the skills that will enable them to begin serious work in reading philosophical texts, identifying and evaluating arguments, and constructing arguments of their own. They will learn how to pose a good question, how to inspect and scrutinize their deeply held beliefs, and how to work out their own ideas with care and rigor.From a school-wide perspective, philosophy can be invaluable because the skills it imparts are transferable to every part of the curriculum that requires, logical reason, problem solving, clear, critical and out of the box thinking, reading with scrutiny, and writing with a purpose i.e. English, Mathematics, Art, History Physics and many more. Philosophy also supplies connective tissue, since its fundamental questions apply to all disciplines and address the full range of human experience. For example, questions about ethics and free will deepen students appreciation for great literature and history, logical argumentation will teach students how to construct and refute complex arguments which would prove useful when writing essays. Philosophy is the key to understanding history and culture, without which can lead to cultures being misunderstood and history not being fully appreciated. High school students currently lack exposure to philosophical questions, issues and debates.