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Jason Rhys
Posted over 1 year ago
What are the arguments for and against philosophy in high school?
Unless one feels that the problems of the world are chiefly attributable to a superabundance, rather than a lack, of self-knowledge and logical reasoning, then philosophy should most definitely be taught. And not just in high school, but at all levels. To speculate on the demise of philosophy is to suggest that all avenues of philosophical inquiry have been exhausted. This is obviously far from being the case. Not only have the fundamental questions of existence not been solved, but they have been compounded by new and pressing issues which demand rigorous critique and analysis. The idea that children cannot be taught philosophy is self-evidently absurd: "people cannot be taught to think logically until they can think logically". The result of this catch-22, of course, is that no one ever learns to think logically. This breed of reasoning is not only twisted, but is contributing to the ongoing infantilization of the upcoming generation.