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big cabbage
Posted almost 3 years ago
Can China really become a super power, or will it remain a great power among other great powers?
I think everything has some inner or outsider relationships with others, slightly or largely. China or the United States is not a lonely power in the world. Compared with the conditions hundreds or thousands of years ago, we now have faster communications and wider media which cover nearly every corner of our life. We may have impact on other people and at the same time we are influenced by others which is a mutual process. As that the relationships between nations also interact with each other. So in the future, I don't think there is still some certain forms of the so-called western liberal order or china-like eastern order. World is melting pot. The institution or culture is gradually convergent. As the question that whether China will become the super power in the future. It's really hard to say. In the past 30 years we have surely witnessed the fast development in economy. But as the revolution goes on there must be some structural problems that can't easily solved because it may threaten the regime of the communist party and someone's benefits. As we see recently, China is lowing his pace in economy. Some experts are also predicting that China will continue suffering the pressure of the down-forward trend of economy. Fast but not stable, if China really has the ambition of becoming the first super power on the earth, more revolution or sacrifice will be underwent.