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Camden Reed
Posted almost 3 years ago
If the universe is expanding - what is it expanding into?
I think the universe and all of time and space it's self need to be looked upon as an ever expanding never ending 4 dimensional plane that's only borders are that of itself. In that the only extent it can reach is the other end of itself so when time and space (as they are the same but also very different in very unique conditions) come to what may seem like an end it is actually the beginning. I feel that the questions of the universe can only be answered in these paradoxical forms and situations because of the variables and unknowns that we may never find out. Theoretically it makes complete sense for the big bang to have been the rexpansion of a collapsed you universe previous to ours. When anything gains too much mass it will collapse in upon itself forming a black hole in both time In space and taking with it all the matter and energy that it encompasses and as Einstein though spewing it out of a "white hole" eIther at a different location in our universe or someone's else's. So what's to stop us from believing we are Merely the reciprocated and reformed matter of a previous perhaps larger universe