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Catherine Tam
Posted about 2 years ago
What is the Perfect Person?
In my opnion ,a perfect person should possess the following traits :efficient,kind hearted ,and knowledgable . First of all, an efficient person is fertile . In the modern society . it is true that we can not achieve our goal without fianncial foundation . It is crucial to fortell whether a person is successful or not base on the premise whether he is efficient or not . Noboby will wait for you to make a decision which will takes a long period to think . Time is precious . If a person is efficient enough , at least , he can fullfill the tasks in the daily life more quickly so that he contributes more to his family even the society than others . Many people complain a lot about his current fate, however, complainments does nothing to do with the improvement. Only increase one's efficientcy can help to change the miserable situations. The main point is high efficiency foster the generation of fortune . The more fortuen one possess , the happier his life is . Having a happy life is the basic element to be a perfect person. Second , a perfect person should be kind-hearted. Adam Smith argues in The wealth of Nations that people have traits of self-interests . Indeed ,there are too many wealth people in the world . However, not all of them are real happy . We have jus t talk about that wealth is the basic element of being perfect. However, the standard of perfection includes real happiness . Kind-hearted actions the feedback to the society from who gets a lot from her. For example , charity , is one of kind-hearted actions. Doing charity means the ability of not only helping ourselves but also heping the others in need so that to realize a more harmonious society . Being in good condition and thinking about the others is the second element of being perfection. The first and second point is the elements requires to be physical and mentally perfection. Here comes the third element ,which also reflects mental perfection ,is knowledgable Knowledge generates