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Trevor Gordon
Posted almost 2 years ago
Strange questions that humans have not yet found an answer for!
Are you saying "that the German Government and/or any group (like the European Union) that it is involved in is not do spend money on "Research on outer world and nuclear weapons (military)". For if you live in Germany and pay taxes then you are definitely part of a "We". The people of a country are responsible for allowing anything their government does, even if the people do not know about it. Unless ignorance is a defense, if so then I will stick my head in the sand and then my government can do what ever they like. Maybe if we all started taking responsibly for what those around us do, then some of the negative things that happen wouldn't. And if one believes that everything is a figment of their imagination, then they are personally responsible for all that happens to the figments of their imagination, so those figments should put the punishment onto them for everything that has ever happened in said figments history.