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Archer Andrews
Posted almost 3 years ago
Can China really become a super power, or will it remain a great power among other great powers?
well, i think the west will still have it's huge influence all over the world. but still, china will emerge as a superpower WITHOUT having the need to spread it's influence. cause they have the largest population in the world, and they can stay on their own and are completely self sufficient. the western countries show ten times more than what they achieve, whereas china shows a lot less than what they have achieved. they have always been like that, and will be the next superpower by continuing to be like that. and if you think of it in another concept, then it's like... china is the dragon. and the nature of the dragon is that you will always end up underestimating it, it wont look like much. infact it will look like nothing at all. but in the end, he will surprise you with the great things he's capable of.