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Naftali Opembe
Posted almost 3 years ago
Will whites ever see blacks as superior or any aspect of blacks being superior to them
Well, I have been in your shoes and feel you. SUperiority and inferiority complex we see today in the races is a culmination of years of conditioning. Through slavery and colonialism, one race was made to feel inferior and another superior and so we see the fruits of this today. I have schooled with people of all races and have to say bright or dumb is in all races in equal measure. The major reason why whites show superiority lies in the technological advancements and military might that they have come to conquer. Soon when the Chinese take over you will see this superiority shift. As it is now whites revere the Asians as bright coz they are the ones excelling in the sciences, maths, and engineering in the US. While we have a handful of blacks also excelling, the majority don't and that's where the problem of inferiority starts. But we have to acknowledge that there has been years of conditioning for them that they are not up-to par. Things are slowly changing and we are seeing blacks do amazing things in different sectors. In the future, I can only foresee blacks being on the same pedestal but it won't come easy. There is a great deal of aggressiveness on their part that they need to fill.